H.E. Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez

President of the Private Council and Grand Chancellor of the Royal Order of Banu Assaf

H.E. Prof. Sir Anthony Ritossa

Special Advisor to the President and Delegate for the United Arab Emirates

H.E. Prof. Sir Manuel Alejandro Freire-Garabal Núñez

Director of International Relations

Orgãos sociais

H.E. Prof. António Manuel Almeida Dias

Vice President and Delegate of Institutional Relations


Sergey Pecheliev

Sir Sergey Pecheliev

Deputy Delegate of Institutional Relations

Syed Anas Ali

Secretary of the Private Council

Afaf Konja

Delegate of Public Relations

Forbes and CNBC Contributor Naeem Aslam joins AKBS Fellows – Al-Khalifa Business School | AKBS

Naeem Aslam

Delegate of Investment Affairs

H.E. Prof. Sir Domingo Bello Janeiro

Delegate of Legal Affairs

H.E. Sir Luis Suárez Hernández

Delegate of Social Affairs

Prof. Dr. José Luis Balboa Gómez

Delegate of Health Advisory


H.E. Prof. Sir Igor Olegovich Eleferenko

Delegate for Russian Federation

Olga Mroz 2021

Prof. Olga Mroz

Delegate of Arts and Culture