Now you are asking:

Why to invest in the Gulf?



For us is so simple:

Because of the Dynasties

Dynasties are is a proof of:

Historical stability

Take a look, when the Gulf is with Stability, all the World is in development


Protection of Industries and Resources

with the Gulf Cooperation Council



Whats Dynasty for us?

“It is the right way that a family follows in its History”


The case of the Gulf


All because is “Stand by Dynasties”


Dynasty means family relations

Family relationships report State Coalitions that guarantee:

Resources Protection and Peace for Centuries


If peace is being fruitful, Long Term Commercial Routes will be developed


In Conclusion, will report Economical Development


The Gulf Region Dynasties

Saudi Arabia – XVIII Century

Qatar – XIX Century

Kuwait – XIX Century

Bahrain – XX Century

Oman – XVII Century

United Arab Emirates – from XVIII to XX Century


Dynasty = Key


Dynasty is a double key: to trust and to invest


If you trust in the country as in family, the country will support you as your family


“Not is just business, it is Heritage”


What makes Gulf attractive for investors ?



Stability=Development of Commercial Routes Across the GCC






That concludes in Leadership


In what Invest?

Sciences (Technology, Medicine, Environment,…)

Resources (Oil, Gas, Minerals, Sun power, …)

How to invest?

To show security and fell safe you need:





Just to have common Trust


So be practice: “Stand by Dynasties, Follow the Right Way, Follow the Dynasty”